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Wednesday, 7 March 2012

EVENT - Learning to Earning

University of Brighton
28 March 2012

There is a common belief amongst the design fraternity that success in design relies largely on the portfolio and what clients see as the outcome of design rather than measuring or valuing the process. Students experience this concept early in their career with the importance that is placed on the end year show which is rarely incorporated into the study modules with credits allocated. In education the ongoing process or study of design is measured for the award with the end demonstration having no impact of a successful award - the reverse of achieving success in practice.

Would a professional accreditation, which requires continual professional development, address this anomaly and provide those commissioning, employing or engaging designers with a basis upon which to chose a designer in keeping with other professions.

If so, then such a professional accreditation must sit firmly within design education in order that designers are fit for purpose when graduating and are committed to their continual development as professionals rather than focussing on the continual development of their portfolio.

This seminar will focus on the need for the professional qualification of Chartered Designer, how best to integrate it into design education and how design education may support its ongoing delivery.

This is one of the Higher Education Academy Discipline Workshop and Seminar Series.

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