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Friday, 13 April 2012

Drawing on All Resources - don't forget to book your place!

Drawing on All Resources: developing open educational practice in art, design and media
Faculty of Arts, University of Brighton, Grand Parade, Brighton
16 May 2012

Just a reminder that registration is open for this event and will close on 8 May. 

Main Event page -  includes a link to the full programme and registration 

FROM THE ARCHIVE - Don’t mention the ‘c word’: the rhetorics of creativity in the Roberts Report

Don’t mention the ‘c word’: the rhetorics of creativity in the Roberts Report
Mark Readman, University of Bournemouth

Mark Readman writes, ‘Creativity in education is almost universally acknowledged to be a positive, desirable thing. But even in the field of art, design and media there is considerable disagreement about what this ‘thing’ might be. … Despite this lack of coherence, we find ourselves using the term in accountable contexts – in programme and unit titles, learning outcomes and even assessment criteria. Consequently it is necessary to examine our usage and application of this slippery signifier.’
Published in Summer 2009: Networks, Issue 7, pp. 8 - 9.
To access the article


EVENTS – The Oxford Learning Institute Public Seminar Programme, Trinity Term
Littlegate House, St Ebbe's Street, Oxford
Various dates between 26 April and 7 June 2012

Oxford University’s Learning Institute has a regular public seminar programme each term, which is open to anyone interested in aspects of higher education. The seminars take place on Thursdays from 4pm to 5.30pm.
EVENT - Student retention: Reflections on best practice
University of Brighton, Lewes Road, Brighton
16 July 2012

Student retention is set to receive even more scrutiny with the introduction of significantly higher tuition fees, commencing in autumn 2012. This workshop will reflects the research and practitioner expertise of almost a dozen of  the University of Brighton’s Business School faculty members who specialise in the complex determinants of student retention rates. The workshop speakers and participants will share examples of best practice and will also critically reflect upon the types of interventions that did not significantly increase retention.
This event is being hosted as part of the Higher Education Academy's Workshop and Seminar Series 2012.
CALL – HEA Collaborative Grant Scheme

Deadline for submissions: 22 April 2012

The collaborative grant themes are internationalisation or employability. A total of £570,000 will be available with a maximum of £60,000 per project. Project duration will be 18 months. Collaboration may be cross institution and/or interdisciplinary. The project lead must be a Fellow of the HE Academy. Successful bids will demonstrate longitudinal impact and will include evaluation and dissemination criteria. Matching support should be sought from the participating higher education institutions.
CALL – for participation in survey looking at accessibility issues and web-based teaching materials

The survey is being conducted by Anna Gruszczynska on behalf of SCORE (Support Centre for Open Resources in Education at Open University) as part of a project exploring issues of accessibility in the context of Open Educational Resources (OERs), where OERs are teaching and learning materials available freely online at point of access for everyone to use, re-use, share and repurpose. The survey seeks perspectives of educators who are involved with using, creating and sharing educational content online, regardless of their familiarity with OER initiatives.
CALL – for contributions to the Compendium of Effective Practice: Proven ways to improve student retention and success – 2nd Edition

Deadline for contribution: 23 May 2012

Following the successful launch of the First Edition of the Compendium of Effective Practice at the What Works Conference in York, March 2012; the editors are now asking for contributions for the 2nd Edition of the Compendium. It is being edited by Robin Clark and Jane Andrews, Aston University, and Liz Thomas, HEA. The Compendium will be peer reviewed by 2 of the Editorial Team. It will be given an ISBN and will be widely disseminated across the Sector.

For further details please contact j.e.andrews@aston.ac.uk 

EVENT - Teaching in Higher Education: a workshop for postgraduates beginning to teach in the Arts and Humanities

Novotel Bristol City Centre, Victoria Street, Bristol
22 May 2012

This one-day workshop is designed to help graduates who are new to teaching in any Arts and Humanities subject and who have recently faced, or will soon face, their first seminar, lecture or practical session. 

Led by HE staff from the Arts and Humanities disciplines, this workshop will be a practical introduction to teaching techniques and an opportunity to reflect on what your teaching role is. It will also be a chance to meet other new graduate teachers, to ask difficult questions, and discover the help that the Higher Education Academy offers to all postgraduates who teach.

EVENT - An Introduction to Art and Design Reference Resources

The Art Library, Leeds Central Library, Leeds
1 May 2012

A workshop for those new to the world of art librarianship, or those wishing to update their skills in art and design enquiry work. The day features presentations from leading art librarians, who will provide up-to-date information on the key print and electronic resources and strategies for effective research enquiry work.

There is a significant practical element to the day, allowing delegates to put into practice the skills and knowledge acquired on the day. There is also a behind-the-scenes tour of the Art Library at Leeds Central Library.


Thursday, 12 April 2012

EVENT - Integrating Writing Into a Studio-Based Curriculum

Writing in Creative Practice Series
Staffordshire University
24 May 2012 

This is the second workshop in the Writing in Creative Practice series, which is run in conjunction with Writing PAD and funded by the Higher Education Academy.

This workshop looks at how the Writing in the Disciplines model of integrating writing into subject specialist modules can be applied in the creative, studio-based disciplines of Art and Design specifically. Issues looked at are a number of models of teaching academic writing – from stand-alone to fully integrated. We will also be exploring the idea of genre when introducing written assignments, and Dr Fiona English, author of Student Writing and Genre, will share her experiences in this field.

Conceived as a hands-on day with lots of activities and discussion, this would work best if participants come in with a specific module/course in mind into which they want to integrate writing further. Sarah Williamson will introduce us to the making of individual artists’ books in order to capture the impressions of individual participants in a creative and visual way, and there will be the opportunity to discuss whether this way of putting together information could be seen as a genre to be included into the Studio-Based Curriculum. Pictures of works in progress will be submitted as a photo essay to the Journal of Writing in Creative Practice.

The attendance of this workshop is free of charge to all those interested in the workshop topic, with preference being given to staff working in HE institutions and HE in FE colleges from across the UK. Places will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. Lunch and refreshments will be provided, but travel expenses will not be covered. For more information or to book a place, please get in touch with Dr Alke Gröppel-Wegener (a.c.groppel-wegener@staffs.ac.uk).

CALL – for papers AISHE-C 2012

AISHE-C 2012: Responding to Change: Effective Teaching and Learning in Higher Education
Dublin City University, Ireland
30 – 31 August 2012

Deadline for abstracts: 27 April 2012

AISHE-C 2012 is the eighth international conference of the All Ireland Society for Higher Education; the overall theme of the conference is Responding to Change: Effective Teaching and Learning in Higher Education. The Keynote Speakers will be Tara Brabazon, University of Ontario Institute of technology, Canada and David Baume, Milton Keynes, United Kingdom.  The conference showcases the best of scholarship within the island of Ireland, and also warmly welcomes international participants who can share wider experience and perspectives.

Specific topics will include:
  • Fostering Creativity & Reflection in Higher Education
  • Graduates for a Digital Age: Information and Digital Literacy
  • Student Centred Approaches to Learning, Teaching & Research
  • Clustering and Collaboration among Higher Education Institutions
  • Interdisciplinarity in Learning & Teaching
  • Responding to the Changing Student Cohort
  • Engaging Students through Technology Enhanced Learning (elearning, mobile learning, facebook, secondlife, etc.)
The emphasis should be on reflection and evaluation rather than merely on describing what is happening.

All accepted presentations at the conference will be assigned to one of two presentation formats or conference "tracks":
  • Oral/workshop: Oral presentation of research, evaluation, policy or practice with the emphasis on drawing out lessons for others and involving participants in engaging with your findings.
  • Poster: Posters will be displayed throughout the conference; there will be an assigned programme session specifically for participant discussion with poster presenters.
A proposal for presentation at the conference should be submitted in the form of an abstract only, not to exceed 300 words in length.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

EVENT & NEWS – The Institute of Ideas Academy & Scholarship Programme

The Institute of Ideas Academy 2012
Wyboston Lakes, Bedfordshire
21-23 July 2012

The Institute of Ideas Academy, organised by the Institute of Ideas, is a three day residential retreat, in which the organisers aim to get away from the overly prescriptive nature of debate in society at large, and be unashamedly esoteric and intellectual for a weekend, in the pursuit of knowledge for its own sake. This year, there are three parallel lecture series on Classics, Literature and History as well as a plenary series on Free will and Determinism. The Academy Scholars will also have three additional lectures organised for them on Liberty, the role of The Public Intellectual, and the Western Canon on Friday, 20 July, prior to the main programme which will begin on the morning of Saturday, 21 July.

Academy Scholarshp Programme

Deadline for submissions: 15 May 2012

Students from all disciplines are encouraged to apply to the Scholarship Programme, they will be joining Institute of Ideas members from every possible walk of life; from professors and academics, to other students, barristers, film makers and writers. The one thing that they all share is a passion for knowledge.

The full price may be a challenge for students, so this year the organisers have launched a new Academy Scholarship Programme for students between the ages of 18-26. The scholarship programme offers a limited number of students the chance to attend for the heavily subsidised price of £60 for three nights’ accommodation and full board.

To apply for an Academy Scholarship, students must submit a 500-word (max) essay on the question: “What is the value of the humanities today?” and also a 300-word (max) motivation on why [you] in particular deserve to attend The Academy.
For more information about the Scholarship programme 

CALL – for papers for Networking Knowledge: Journal of the MeCCSA-PGN

The Biographical Narrative in Popular Culture, Media and Communication 

Deadline for abstracts: 1 May 2012 
Deadline for completed articles: 1 September 2012

In the past decade biographical narratives – personalised histories of the recent and distant past –have taken on an increasingly central role in contemporary culture. The longstanding film and television genre of the ‘Biopic’ has become more commercially and critically successful than ever before. For example, in 2010 Biopic The Kings Speech won the Best Picturing and Director ‘Oscars’ and, as a testament to the genres acting prestige, three of the four acting Academy awards were also awarded for performances in The Kings Speech and sports Biopic, The Fighter.

Television schedules have also begun to be dominated by documentaries and ‘reality TV’ programming documenting the lives of celebrities and ‘ordinary people’ and American cable network HBO continues to produce prestigious mini-series based on biographical narratives, such as The Pacific (2010) and John Adams (2008). Meanwhile, the growth of social media forums and blogging applications has made it easier for individuals to create their own personal biographies online.

Abstracts (500 words max) for papers of between 6,000 and 8,000 words, which consider the place of the biographical narrative in popular culture, media or communication are invited from postgraduate students and early career researchers across the humanities and social sciences.  Accepted papers will be published in a special issue of Networking Knowledge: Journal of the MeCCSA-PGN.  Possible topics might include, but are not limited to:

•       The genre of the biopic in film and television fictions
•       Biographical narratives in the creation of and star and celebrity personas
•       Biographical narratives and issues of gender, ethnicity and sexuality
•       Biographical narratives as created through social media
•       Biographies as created in ‘reality’ and documentary television
•       The presentation of biographical profiles in journalistic publications

Abstracts and enquiries should be directed to the issue’s guest editor Victoria Kearley at vlk204@soton.ac.uk. For any further information, please contact Victoria or NK general editor, Tom Phillips, at knowledge.networking257@gmail.com.