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Friday, 18 May 2012


EVENT -  'Curriculum Reform at the University of Hong Kong - Assessing Employability Skills'
Pedagogy Research Centre Seminar
Oxford Brookes University
29 May 2012

Curriculum reform involves changes in educational system, program structures and objectives, leading to changes in approaches to teaching and students’ learning outcomes. These changes often focus on areas such as higher order thinking skills, standards and employability skills which have been lobbied by employer demands to introduce skills development strategy in higher education. Often these changes need corresponding changes in assessment as assessment drives learning. Hong Kong is currently going through such changes and in this seminar/workshop, some of these changes will be introduced and also how assessment is transforming in Hong Kong higher education.

NB, this seminar is also taking place at Aston University on 31 May. To find out more contact: Zara Kendrick at z.v.h.kendrick1@aston.ac.uk
EVENT Touching Hearts and Minds: Tackling Disparities in Student Attainment
Coventry University Techno Park
18 June 2012

The Disparities in Student Attainment (DiSA) programme has produced a wealth of findings about how disparities in student attainment can arise; the most evident of these revolving around the quality of relationships that students have with their lecturers. This Conference presents this finding in depth, exploring all aspects of student and lecturer relationships, the impact this has on attainment and thus the attainment gap.  The day will also provide the opportunity to explore theoretical issues relating to the framing of the issue and post-race approaches.

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