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Friday, 25 May 2012


EVENT - Using OERs in HE in FE: Degrees of edupunk?
University Centre at Blackburn College
11 June 2012

The aim of the workshop is to increase delegates’ awareness of OERs and their use in HE in FE. The lack of lecturer time is recognised as a major barrier impeding the use of OERs and therefore the workshop’s interactive nature will provide opportunities for direct engagement with a variety of resources. The event will demonstrate how such resources have been deployed in HE in FE and will make suggestions as to how such initiatives can be effectively recorded. The workshop also intends to encourage pedagogical reflection on the utility of OERs for the delivery of HE in FE.
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EVENT - 2012 Annual RAISE Conference: Student Engagement as a shared agenda: people, places, practices
University of Southampton
13 - 14 September 2012

At this second RAISE Conference the organisers are adopting and applying their definition of student engagement as broad and holistic. The three themes are chosen to capture innovative and exciting research, practice and ideas around:
 The roles and activities of people in engaging themselves and others; The places and contexts in which SE happens and how this is influenced by these contexts and The practices of students and staff which foster (or impede) engagement.
CALL – for responses to HEFCE consultation on a risk-based approach to quality assurance

Deadline for responses: 31 July 2012

This HEFCE consultation, drafted with the support of the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA), sets out proposals for the further development of the quality assurance system, in particular Institutional Review in England. The aim of the proposed approach is to put the interests of students first and to contribute to a reduction in the external regulation of those higher education providers with an effective track record of assuring quality and standards.
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NEWS – QAA discussion paper 'Student Engagement - whose education is it anyway?'

At the SEDA conference on 'The Student Journey', this QAA discussion paper by Gwen van der Velden was published.
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