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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

NEWS - report published on expectations and experiences of first-year students in Art and Design

Deal or no deal? Expectations and experiences of first-year students in Art and Design

David Vaughan and Mantz Yorke

This report, funded by the HEADTrust and the Art Design Media Subject Centre (ADM-HEA), has just been published by the Higher Education Academy. It is based upon a survey which explored the 'match' between students' expectations of higher education and their actual experience of their first year. The survey covered four main aspects of first-year students' experience:
  • influences on their choice of programme and institution;
  • expectations that they had regarding study in higher education;
  • their opinions regarding their first-year experience;
  • background demographic data.
The report details how the match between students' expectations and experience varied in four broad areas of assessment methods; learning environment; teaching quality and course organisation.

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