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Thursday, 5 July 2012

CALL & NEWS - Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies Journal

The first issue of JOMEC (Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies) Journal, an online peer reviewed journal has been published by Cardiff University.
JOMEC'S editorial board welcomes work that is located in any one of the related disciplines, as well as interdisciplinary work that approaches Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies as overlapping and interlocking fields. JOMEC is particularly interested in work that addresses the political and ethical dimensions, stakes, problematics and possibilities of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies.
As well as publishing regular themed and open issues, JOMEC Journal also aims, from time to time, to intervene quickly into selected political discourses and debates, by publishing ‘rapid responses’ to political issues: responses that are always rigorously scholarly but that may be politically partisan, punchy and polemical, and that are not slowed down by a cumbersome publishing apparatus or timeline.
JOMEC Journal is a peer reviewed online open access academic journal run by an editorial collective based in the School of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies at Cardiff University. It is peer reviewed with an international Editorial Board and Advisory Panel.

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