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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

CALL - for papers for Varoom issue 18

Academic and professional submissions are invited for consideration for Varoom 18 and VaroomLab on the theme of Entertainment. The editors are interested in considering the range of research questions currently being addressed by academics internationally, relevant to the theme. 

Dates for submission of abstracts/papers: 14 March 2012

However ‘Entertainment’ is defined, a significant portion of that will have involved illustrators, from Hollywood Blockbuster animations, to games and apps, to book covers, music promos, children’s books, graphic novels and title sequences.

Entertainment is all-pervasive, from the cartoons and characters we read on the back of our cereal boxes in the morning to new hybrid forms of edutainment in children’s games and play apps. The Varoom Entertainment Issue will explore the unique creativity illustrators bring to this huge industry in a variety of different forms.

VaroomLab was established to provide a platform for exchange and discussion of ideas around the broad subject of illustration. VaroomLab on line provides a wide forum to challenge and potentially expand research and hence provide maximum possible impact.

Varoom is a unique publication in the UK existing as a vehicle for dissemination of some of this research. Varoom – the illustration report, is a unique large format publication commenting and discussing the contemporary illustrated image in depth, and features interviews with illustrators, image-makers and designers as well as featuring critical articles on different aspects of contemporary illustration by leading commentators.

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