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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

EVENT – open 'Talking about art/collaborative crit development' meeting

University of the Arts London, 272 High Holborn, London, WC1V 7EY
21 March 2012

This is the second open meeting for the project; you are welcome to participate even if you were not able to attend the first meeting held on 6 February at Chelsea.

The aim of having these meetings is to pool expertise and good practice when it comes to facilitating the process of talking about, reading and describing art – in the crit, gallery or studio context – especially in order to help each person to participate fully and confidently in a crit. The project team aim to pull in expertise from university and gallery educators around the UK and the end goal is to produce a set of dynamic and accessible learning resources that can communicate such techniques and be shared, accredited, distributed, hosted and used by all (students, graduates, staff, those without an art background or looking for a ‘way in’).

Please see more information on the project:

The last meeting identified 3 broad areas that are route causes of difficulty in such situations:

  • Lack of confidence with speaking in public/ negotiating group dynamic,
  • Lack of confidence, experience and received teaching in the techniques of ‘reading art’,
  • Language barriers (subject vocabulary, international students second language).
For this meeting the team would like people to bring along/ think about:
  • Successful strategies you or others have used for facilitating a crit /the process of talking about art,
  • Any research, leads, contacts, examples of good practice,
  • An idea of students you think might be interested in participating in the study,
  • Ideas about what would make for an engaging and dynamic resource to be used by: students, those without an art background as well as staff e.g. video (how), publication, online tools, workshop etc.
If you would like to attend the meeting or for more information, please contact Sarah Rowles director@q-artlondon.com or Siobhan Clay s.clay@arts.ac.uk

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