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Monday, 13 February 2012

CALL - an open invitation to join Open Collaborative Crit Development Project

Q-Art London is teaming up with Commonplace and Speaking Out to create a series of dynamic and accessible learning resources that will support students in talking about, reading and describing art - in the crit, studio context, gallery visits etc. Two months ago Q-Art London carried out an anonymous survey amongst some of its 3000 subscribers - which saw 68% of respondents admit to feeling unconfident in speaking out in a crit and 82% saying they'd appreciate some kind of assistance or resource to aid with the process of 'reading' art. An ability to 'read art' is a difficult skill that is too often 'presumed' of students who enter and progress through HE art education. 

The project partners would like you to be involved in the project, helping them with research that will eventually lead to the creation of learning resources and support for students, which can be used and shared by anyone. Your help might involve:
  • Sharing ways, approaches and techniques you use when 'reading' an art work and how you share these approaches with students;
  • Discussing the issues you think contribute to students reticence or lack of confidence in talking critically about art and any experiences you have had with students who have been quiet or reluctant to share their opinions in class;
  • Consider opportunities in which this project would strengthen students' skills and confidence in presenting their own work to industry, potential employers, clients, etc.;
  • Identify students you think would be interested in taking part in the project (at a later stage);
  • Input into the design and information contained within the resources.
The finished resources will live on Commonplace and Q-Art London and be accessible and distributable by everyone.

If you would like to be involved or find out more information, please contact Sarah Rowles at: director@q-artlondon.com

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