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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

CALL – for papers to Communicating Climate Change III

 – The Audience Perspective 
(Changing Climate, Changing Media & Changing Audiences)
Pre-Conference to ECREA 2012
Plato College of Higher Education, Istanbul

23 October 2012

Deadline for submissions: 30 April 2012

This event is organized by the Institute of Journalism and Communication Studies, University of Hamburg, hosted by the Plato College of Higher Education
and organized in collaboration with the ECREA thematic sections 
Audience and Reception Studies 
Science and Environment Communication

Over the past two decades global climate change has emerged as one of the most intensely researched and discussed environmental and socio-political issues. Like other disciplines, scholars from social and behavioural sciences have spent a large amount of time and resources to understand public perception, attitude and behaviour regarding climate change and related issues.

It is against this background of changing communicative landscapes that the organisers propose to re-examine climate change from the perspective of audiences and media/audience relations in both western and non-western countries. They expect that this conference will bring scholars from different scientific disciplines and geographical locations together for a critical assessment of existing knowledge of relations between climate change, communication and audiences. 

They invite scholarly contributions on the following topics, but other aspects of the overall conference theme are also welcome: 

  • Methodological approaches for studying audiences in relation to climate change within the changing communicative landscape 
  • Climate change, communication and media: what influences public perceptions and behaviour? 
  • Changing climate, changing media and changing audiences 
  • Public understanding of climate change in western and non-western countries 
  • Scientific uncertainty, risk and audience views on climate change 
  • Climate change, media and politics 

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