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Thursday, 5 April 2012

CALL – for papers to Crafting the Future

10th European Academy of Design Conference
The University of Gothenburg, Sweden
17 – 19 April 2013

Deadline for abstracts: 15 May 2012

This conference celebrates the 10th anniversary of the European Academy of Design conferences and contributes to a  discussion on the role of design and designers in crafting our futures. The theme of the conference is the practical knowledge of the designer. How can the specific knowledge of designers be brought forward, articulated and made visible, and how can it be understood and used in contexts like innovation, business development and
social change?

They are asking for contributions to any of the strands below, the main idea is of a return to the roots of design practice as well as theoretical frameworks that enable exploration and further understanding of the role of practice in design, education, business and society.

1. Designing Future Mobility
2. Design Development of Future Homes for Future Cities
3. Design and Innovation
4. MAKING TOGETHER -– Open, Connected, Collaborative
5. The craft of design in design of service
6. Fashion Design for Sustainability
7. Design history as a tool for better design
8. Power to the People: Practices of Empowerment through Craft
9. Design & Craft (Crafting the Education of Design)

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