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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

CALL – recruiting reporters for citizen newswire for the London 2012 Games

#media2012 the online Olympic & Paralympic citizen newswire

The #media2012 project is building up to the Games period now and are hoping to recruit reporters over the next few months, while also firming up an Olympic Question Time programme that will take place around London during the Olympics and an Olympic Social Media Centre, which would foster links between professional and citizen journalists.  The project is not just London focused and has 10 universities around the UK currently involved.

The main premise of the project is to wrestle back some ownership of media production during the most tightly controlled media event in history.

Please go to the website for more information http://www.media2012.org.uk
or contact Andy Miah directly if you think this will appeal to your students editor@media2012.org.uk or email@ANDYMIAH.NET

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