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Thursday, 26 April 2012

EVENT - Developing the 3rd cycle:
Doctoral Level Education for the Arts

2nd Annual SHARE* conference
Chelsea College of Art and Design, Millbank
11 – 12 May 2012
This two day conference will be hosted by the CCW (Camberwell, Chelsea, Wimbledon Colleges of Art and Design) Graduate School.

The conference is part of the research and networking project focused on developing Europe wide standards and protocols for research in the arts and accompanying doctoral programs, featuring keynotes from Gertrud SandqvistBill Gaver and Klaus Jung.

This international conference considers the challenges, opportunities and critical issues faced in the building of new - and the further development of existing - programmes and platforms for 3rd cycle (doctoral) education and research for the creative arts.

Over two days of presentations, break-out groups, workshops and discussions, the conference will bring together researchers, educators, visual artist, designers, performing artist, and media practitioners from across Europe to think through the practical and theoretical challenges in developing doctoral level education in creative art practices. 


* SHARE is an international networking project, comprising 39 partners working together on enhancing the ‘3rd cycle’ of arts research and education, creating a Europe-wide exchange framework for the widely different experiences, practices and ideas that make up the lively domain of artistic and cultural research.

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