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Thursday, 7 June 2012

EVENT - Independent learning in Media and Communications disciplines: taking the stabilisers off

Teesside University, Middlesborough
27 June 2012
Given the nature of Media and Communications disciplines, and of the industries in which many students hope to make their careers, attributes such as initiative, self-confidence, self-motivation, time-management and the capacity you take responsibility for one’s own learning and development are absolutely key to success. However, a considerable number of Teesside's students, when they first start their studies, need high levels of structure and support, due to weaknesses in precisely these areas.

As a result Teesside's staff have spent a great deal of time developing a very nurturing, supportive first year experience across their three programme areas (media production, media studies and journalism). This has enabled them to make great strides forward over recent years in areas of retention and progression and also in many aspects of academic attainment. The challenge before them now is how to move these students, over the latter part of year one, and, critically, over the course of year two, to a point where they are able to make the most of the many opportunities available to them, both within and outside the University, and to develop the independent study skills, as well as the personal skills they need to take responsibility for their own development.

This workshop, one of the Higher Education Academy Discipline Workshop and Seminar Series, aims to bring colleagues from similar institutions together to address these issues, with some expert facilitation, and with the objective of identifying some practical strategies, both long and short term, that we can put in place.


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