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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

NEWS - Varoom 18 published and ongoing call

Varoom – the illustration report, has just published issue 18 on the theme of Entertainment. This issue contains a peer reviewed paper by Stephanie Black exploring how forms of illustration provide a truly engaging sense of time. Also, Moonbot Studios elegiac animation about books, the BAFTA illustrators whose single images of movies act as illustrative film criticism, and cartoonist Huw Aaron who ‘performed’ live drawing at a cartooning festival. 

VaroomLab is an international research project that fosters research activity within the subject of illustration. This collaborative network of researchers and practitioners aims to be a catalyst for innovation in illustration in the 21st Century and to expand knowledge and understanding of the subject.

The editors have married a peer-review process with editorial intervention to facilitate robust evaluation and discourse around articles submitted by the academic community for potential inclusion in Varoom and to create an equivalent of an academic journal within VaroomLab on line.

Submissions are welcomed at any time on relevant subjects, and specific calls for papers are placed the Call for Paper section of the site. Call to be announced (Varoom 20)


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