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Thursday, 2 February 2012

EVENT - Arts Education at the Crossroad of Cultures

InSEA 2012  European Regional Conference
Lemesos, Cyprus
25-27 June 2012

More than 250 scholars, researchers and educators of the Arts from 54 different countries covering the 5 continents of the world have submitted proposals for the InSEA European Conference. Participants are expected to exceed 500! The theme of the Conference is Arts Education in the Crossroad of Cultures.

Arts education should be in a constant process of redefining its scope, goals and processes given our rapidly changing world that is defined by globalization, the mobility of cultures and information and communication technologies. This process of redefinition can be achieved through reflective practice whereby educators, arts specialists, and academics can meet to discuss, share and exchange ideas.

The purpose of the Conference is to serve as a meeting forum for people who have these issues at the core of their academic or practical work. The contributors will use a variety of forms to communicate their ideas - through presentations, workshops, posters, and panel discussions in addressing the following themes: Arts and Cultural Identities, Arts and Society, Arts and Audiences, Learning in and through Arts in the 21st Century and Education Policy Making and Arts. The Conference will also host a variety of cultural events.

InSEA (International Society for Education through Art) and CySEA (Cyprus Society for Education through Arts) in collaboration with the European Parliament Office in Cyprus and Frederick University, invite scholars and people interested in Arts Education to attend the conference.

Furthermore, the Conference has been included as one of the official events within the framework of the Cypriot Presidency of the EU during the  second half of 2012 and participants will have the opportunity to enjoy Cypriot culture with its characteristic warm hospitality, the delicious food and the beautiful Mediterranean climate in the coastal city of Lemesos, the island’s second largest city. 

For more information on the congress please go to:  http://www.insea2012.org/

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