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Thursday, 2 February 2012

Off to an event soon?

We welcome evaluative reports on events you have attended in the UK or overseas and we publish these in Networks.  We would be particularly pleased to receive event reports that relate specifically to teaching and learning in art, design and media higher education, but also reports that evaluate generic teaching and learning events from a disciplinary perspective.  Bear in mind that these items should be of broad interest to colleagues outside of your own institution and provide an insight into debates raised and developments presented for colleagues who were unable to attend. 

Event reports can be up to around 1000 words in length.  Remember to include your name and institution, the title of the event, venue, date and any links to further information. It would also be helpful if you could include an image (300dpi).

There's no fee sadly - just the satisfaction of sharing your experience...

For more information about Networks submissions see: http://arts.brighton.ac.uk/projects/networks/submissions

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