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Monday, 19 March 2012

CALL - for papers: Journal of Gaming and Virtual Worlds 4:3

The Journal of Gaming and Virtual Worlds  is seeking contributions to its 4(3) issue (autumn/winter 2012). Papers from all areas associated with video/computer games and virtual environments are welcome.

Deadlines for submissions: 
30 April 2012 for long articles; 
15 May 2012 for short articles, conference/project reports, poster abstracts, interviews and (machinima/book/game...) reviews.

The following word limits apply:
Long articles: 5000-8000 words
Short articles: 3000-5000 words
Conference and other reports: 1000-2000 words
Reviews (books, websites, games, machinima), poster abstracts and interviews: 1500-3000 words.
Please send your submissions in anonymized (doc/x) form to Astrid Ensslin at a.ensslin@bangor.ac.uk

Reviews should be submitted to the Reviews Editor, Matthew S.S. Johnson, at matjohn@siue.edu

Machinima reviews should be submitted to Phylis Johnson at phylisj@yahoo.com

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