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Thursday, 22 March 2012


EVENT – Understanding the rules of the game: helping students really grasp what we are looking for when we mark
Bancroft Building, Mile End campus, Queen Mary, University of London
16 April 2012

This is the seventh seminar in the 2011/12 educational research seminars series run by the Learning Institute at QMUL. Led by Professor Sue Bloxham (Professor of Academic Practice at the University of Cumbria),  the seminar will present the findings of research which investigated tutors' thinking whilst marking work across a range of disciplines including medicine, social science, education and creative arts. The research showed that the learning outcomes or assessment criteria which often form the basis of guidance and feedback to students do not appear to form the basis of tutors’ judgements which tend to be more holistic and impressionistic. The seminar discussion will build on what we know about helping students develop an holistic understanding of what they are trying to do in their writing.
EVENT - New places to learn: Flexible learning and online residency
Saïd Business School, Oxford
19 AprIL 2012

This one-day symposium will explore how technologies and the internet have opened up new ‘places’ in which learning can happen, and consider questions such as: How do students learn in these ‘places’? In what ways might, or should, institutions respond? What opportunities does ‘online residency’ offer in the sector’s increasing move towards flexible provision?
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EVENT - SEDA Workshop - Working with Cultural Diversity in Higher Education
University of Edinburgh
28 May 2012

The evolving dialogue about internationalisation in Higher Education has moved from considering issues surrounding teaching international students to recognising students and teachers as co-creators of the learning environments and positive responses to cultural diversity in the classroom. This workshop explores the implications of culturally diverse classrooms for programme designers and tutors, and examples of practice which embraces cultural diversity. It is based on SEDA Special 28 and led by Dr Monika Foster, the editor and co-author of that publication.
EVENT - The Only Way is Up: Using Credit to Build Progression Ladders from FE to HE
15 Hatfields, Chadwick Court, London
12 June 2012

This workshop, organised by SEEC (Recognising Learning Though Credit), is aimed at staff in FE Colleges and HEIs with responsibility for partnership working, employer engagement and study at levels 4 and above, is a practical, hands on event which will bring people from HEIs and FE Colleges together to look at ways of maximising opportunities to support progression from lower levels to qualifications at level 4, 5 and above within and across FE and HE institutions.
Across the Globe Higher Educational learning and teaching
Bangkok, Thailand
22 – 25 July 2012

2012 International Consortium for Educational Development Conference is organised and hosted by the Office of Higher Education Commission in collaboration with the Professional and Organizational Development Network of Thailand Higher Education (ThaiPOD). ICED2012 aims to become an international meeting point for participants to share, reflect and exchange ideas as well as experiences in researching and supporting educational development in higher education.

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