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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

NEWS - register for free access to BBC Northern Ireland’s news footage

The British Universities Film & Video Council (BUFVC) is pleased to announce the pre-launch of Chronicle: BBC Northern Ireland’s television news from the 60s and 70s, for exclusive use by UK higher and further education institutions. The audio-visual archives of the BBC contain a wealth of material gathered since it was founded in the 1920’s but it remains largely inaccessible. ‘Chronicle’ has made part of that archive available to UK higher and further education by digitising hours of content from the BBC Northern Ireland’s vaults.
The digitised material will allow users to explore events over a 7 year time period (1969-1976) of Northern Ireland’s history, delivering a rich and contextual experience from a political, historical and cultural perspective.
Chronicle provides Authenticated Users with free access to digitised copies of selected news and current affairs material covering Northern Ireland and The Troubles, via a simple, user-friendly interface and web-based tools for searching and viewing.

For more information, including how to register : http://bufvc.ac.uk/2012/03/20/register-for-free-access-to-bbc-northern-irelands-news-footage

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