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Monday, 30 April 2012

EVENT - Teachers' Academy 2012 Porto

University of Porto, Portugal
11-13 July 2012

The ESMAE School of Music and Performing Arts and the Faculty of Fine Art, University of Porto are hosting the 5th European League of Institutes of the Arts (ELIA) Teachers’ Academy. 

The Teachers’ Academy is an international platform for ideas and practices for teachers in artschools in Europe and beyond. Its main aim is to contribute to the professional development for lecturers in higher arts education.

The ELIA Teachers’ Academy aims to contribute to the professional development of professors, teachers and researchers in higher arts education by facilitating their participation in – and engagement with – challenging experiences and debates set in an international context. Teachers’ Academy Participants will:
  • engage with innovative pedagogic and research methods at  international level;
  • acquire new insights and practices about educating artists in and across the art disciplines;
  • share their latest ideas and practices with international colleagues.

The Teachers' Academy and NEU/NOW LIVE Festival
This year's edition of the Teachers' Academy will be held in conjunction with the ELIA NEU/NOW LIVE Festival, an annual event featuring high quality, exciting work of art graduates from all over Europe. The combination of these two dynamic events will result in a participatory experience covering the range of arts education pedagogy from process to production.


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