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Thursday, 3 May 2012

NEWS – launch of Journalism Education

The first issue of Journalism Education,  a new journal sponsored by the Association for Journalism Education in the UK and Ireland has been published online.

Journalism Education is an international peer-reviewed journal devoted to publishing original research articles, commentaries and reviews of interest to everyone actively involved in teaching and research in this field of enquiry.

Its aim is to reinvigorate current thinking in a manner alert to the importance of aligning academic scholarship with real-world, professional priorities. It is interdisciplinary in its scope, inviting contributions from a diverse array of approaches committed to identifying, exploring and critiquing pressing issues of common concern.

At a time when journalism’s very status within modern societies is being profoundly recast by formidable challenges, it is hardly surprising that discussions about what counts as ‘journalism education’ tend to be rather lively. The editors hope to encourage stimulating dialogue and debate, both by revisiting familiar assumptions with a critical eye, as well as by inspiring fresh perspectives about new ways forward.

To access the journal and download a free pdf copy of Volume one, number one April 2012:

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