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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

EVENT - Art & Design and . . . Innovation and Business

Mithras House, University of Brighton
26 June  2012                   

At the Council of Higher Education in Art and Design (CHEAD) conference, held in Edinburgh in 2011, delegates identified the importance of articulating value of art and design and its education with other disciplinary communities, prospective students and public audiences.

The Faculties of Arts and Business at the University of Brighton have been working in concert over the past 18 months funded under the University’s pioneering research challenge scheme to interrogate and explain how the epistemologies, scholarly infrastructure, practical working methods, outcomes and experiences employed within art, design, innovation studies and business studies may educationally and professionally provide insights that can encourage the translation and bridging between disciplinary fields, contribute to cultural, social and economic advancement and generate new knowledge or enhance public understanding. See: http://arts.brighton.ac.uk/projects/pioneering-research-challenge

The success and values of art and design and its education are generally identified by the quality of the artefacts produced, but provide little detailed analysis or articulation as to the knowledge, media and methods employed in such achievements and how such predominantly constructivist form of knowledge building might be key to building and advancing new educational models that help students and staff bridge disciplinary barriers. 

Building on an international symposium focusing on design and Innovation held at the University of Brighton in March 2012, this joint symposium in collaboration with CHEAD hopes to build a dialogue across these fields from the perspective of Art & Design community.

To date the practices of art and design have been primarily analysed and articulated by others and this event will develop voices from within the community and share these with colleagues within innovation and business through the design and development of a pilot pamphlet publication, inviting participants from across the art and design community and their collaborators to attend and share how they have or might create the conditions through which to systematically interconnect different kinds of knowledge and reveal transformative ways of seeing, thinking and developing new insights and opportunities for creative learning.

This is one of the Higher Education Academy Workshop and Seminar Series

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