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Thursday, 28 June 2012

EVENT - Lighting a spark: Collaborative digital drawing, research and practice

Sandpit, AIR building, University Campus Tremough, Falmouth
9 July 2012

This play day is about exploring how you can capture the physical act of drawing and how to re-manifest them using digital printing technologies. This gives participants the opportunity to investigate the interface between the physical and the digital through drawing.

What happens when you rescale physical gesture, what do marks made on one surface look like on another, what are the limitations and glitches in the technologies and what potential do they hold? These are just a few things that excite the organisers and they hope to explore.

They will be using Livescribe pens that record whatever you draw on specially printed paper, drawing and painting apps for iPads, eBeam pen tracking technology that allows large scale 2D gestures and drawn marks to be recorded, and 3D room-scale motion capture that can track full body movements in space.

The computer controlled router in the Design Centre will be reconfigured as a 8’x4’ mark making machine, not just to reproduce, but to transform, translate and refigure the original drawing and movements. The router can work on a variety of surfaces with a range of media to produce different effects, and your work can be rescaled to change its impact and purpose.

This workshop is free for participants, funded and supported by the Higher Education Academy and University College Falmouth.

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