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Friday, 29 June 2012


EVENT - Curriculum Design - Opening up the Game          
Evidence and Practice for Responsive Curriculum Design to Widen Participation
The Open University in London, Camden Town, London
5 July 2012

The challenge to higher education institutions of providing a truly inclusive curriculum appears to many as complex and elusive. Our response to widening participation, greater student diversity and the increasing emphasis on the student experience is critical. One of the starting points has to be in the conception and design of the curriculum itself. 
This workshop will engage academics, administrators, managers and practitioners in a series of engaging interactive activities informed by evidence, which invite critical reflection on existing process and practices in curriculum design, and the  broader student experience of teaching and learning. The outcomes envisaged from these creative conversations are new strategies, approaches and opportunities for extending student engagement, retention and success of our students.
EVENT - Student-Generated Induction Workshop: A Social Identity Approach
Royal Station Hotel, York
19 July 2012

Participants in this workshop will have the chance to share issues and concerns relating to induction and transition. The Shared Thinking practice, developed at University of Glasgow, has already been applied to induction and transition at different universities and for different disciplines. This workshop will be useful in providing a chance to explore a particular theoretical framework and to experience a technology-supported practice that creates a participant-led approach to induction and transition.
EVENT - 17th Annual SEDA Conference
Excellence in Teaching: recognising, enhancing, evaluating and achieving impact
Aston Business School, Birmingham
15 - 16 November 2012

The conference will focus on Excellence in Teaching: recognising, enhancing, evaluating and achieving impact. This brings together many activities across the sector where the focus has been on enhancing the student experience.

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