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Friday, 29 June 2012

FROM THE ARCHIVE - 'Learning on Placement' & 'Fashion, Textiles and Related Industries'

Learning on Placement: An investigation of work placement opportunities within the designer-maker community 
Andie Robertson, Buckinghamshire New University
Fashion, Textiles and Related Industries: Work-related Learning and the Student Experience
Catherine McConnell, Northbrook College Sussex
This section, taken from Networks 5, was compiled by Andie Robertson and Catherine McConnell. Their articles (pp. 15 - 22) summarise findings of two related projects co-funded by ADM-HEA and Skillfast-UK, the Sector Skills Council for Fashion and Textiles, examining employer engagement, work-related learning and the student experience. Their ‘Conversation’ (pp. 23 - 25) provides some practical advice and solutions to challenges encountered by students, tutors and work-placement providers in developing mutually beneficial work-related learning.

The Learning on Placement research project, set out to identify the relationships that currently exist between the fashion and textiles student, tutor, course and designer-maker business, as seen from the perspective of designer-makers. The data collected during the project, while valuable to the specific subject area, raises important issues around skills training, learning experiences and entrepreneurship (pp. 15 - 18).
The Fashion, Textiles and Related Industries paper outlines the findings of research exploring employer engagement activities currently taking place across a number of HE and HE in FE institutions delivering fashion and textiles curricula. In addition, the article also seeks to examine the staff and student experience of work-related and work-based learning in the fashion and textiles educational sector and identify some of the challenges faced by educators in this field and effective responses to these (pp. 19 - 22).
Published in Autumn 2008Networks, Issue 5, pp. 15 - 27. 
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