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Thursday, 19 April 2012

CALL - for papers for Art, Design and Communication in Higher Education

Art, Design and Communication in Higher Education, first published by Intellect in 2002, strives to develop research in arts and media based subjects in educational institutions. The range of this refereed journal encompasses all areas of higher education: the focus is placed upon practice-based education in fine art, as well as theoretical evaluations of subjects such as media studies, cultural studies, and the history of art and design. In its commitment to the expansion of learning and teaching methods through research, the journal offers detailed accounts of specific research projects. By using the findings of these enquiries, contributors reveal the potential value of new educational strategies, and stimulate the advancement of creative teaching methods.

Alongside these practical approaches, contributors also develop a critical platform for the study of teaching in the arts and media sector. In order to assimilate these theories in a real environment, the contributions query the context in which educational strategies are practiced. The journal examines the correlation between the success of practiced techniques, in relation to both the type of institution and the genre of study. Articles are gathered from an extensive community of researchers, allowing the journal to provide a comprehensive profile of education research in art, design and communication studies.

The research field of Art, Design and Communication in Higher Education includes:
All areas of Higher Education, including the fields of:
  • Practice based education in fine art, design and media
  • Theoretical studies including cultural studies, art and design history and media studies.
All aspects of learning and teaching in art, design and communication including:
  • Research underpinned evaluations of curriculum
  • Student learning
  • Approaches to teaching
  • Teacher and educational development
This peer-reviewed journal is published three times a year. There are no deadlines, the journal has an open submissions policy.

Volume 9 | Issue 1, the current issue, is available for free from the link above.

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