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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

EVENT - The Art of Print

University of Wolverhampton, England
1 May 2012

'The Art of Print' is the first in a series of discussions by artists, writers and curators working with contemporary photography, devised by the University of Wolverhampton as part of wlvfotofest.

Individual artistic goals and experimentation used to be the basic goals of residency programmes within student and artists practice. Now with the emerging concern for mapping the creative process and responding to the idea of a convincing methodology for supporting knowledge development in this key discipline, we are able to engage in a conversation which is now global in nature offering us a platform for sharing theoretical and practical knowledge around the idea of residencies and artist led projects.

This series will be designed to respond and engage with the European ‘Re –Tooling Residencies - a closer look at the mobility of art professionals’, publication and website 2009-2011.

‘The Art of the Print’ comes from the development of new understandings of artistic practice and presentation of visual forms with exhibition value, including the projected image and the notion of the image as spectacle included now in scenography practice and performance. This timely publication and website offers a chance to share the research to date and respond to the call to develop a methodology for the effective analysis of the creative and social processes related to such mobility in a global perspective. Contemporary photography practice now considers this notion of re-location and the consequences that may be revealed while mapping national, transnational and/or global flows of labour, conflict and co –operation.

The ideas of documentary and interactive documentary practice are ongoing within photography education and its discourse with online projects becoming the norm for cultural sites of exchange. The implications for teaching and learning are the challenges for the teaching of practice that as stated has much wider cultural connotations and we need to interrogate these boundaries and reflect on the ways that relocation, exchange , translation and learning through artistic practice can be evaluated in the context of the mobility of emerging art professionals.

This is part of the Higher Education Academy Discipline Workshop and Seminar Series.


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