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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

EVENT - Employability, the Creative Industries and the Art School: Examining relationships with the workplace

Leeds College of Art
20 April 2012
This workshop, one of the Higher Education Academy Discipline Workshop and Seminar Series, will be an initial one off event intended to establish networks and relationships between educators involved in the delivery of professional practice aspects of the creative curriculum in independent art colleges. The workshop will meet the following stated aims of the HEA:
  • To facilitate the sharing of policy, practice and evidence, within disciplines across institutions.
  • To promote critical discussion in relation to enhancing the quality of the student learning experience.
The focus of the workshop will employability in the art school and will reference the results of the survey of graduate employment published in Ball L, Pollard E, Stanley N Creative Graduates Creative Futures Report 471, Council for Higher Education in Art and Design; University of the Arts London, January 2010.

The workshop will give delegates the opportunity to:
  • Become familiar with the findings in the report
  • Examine the curricula they deliver in the light of the findings
  • Identify and share good practice in the employability curriculum for art, design and media
  • Discuss potential opportunities for the development of curricula and the sharing of good practice.


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