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Friday, 20 April 2012


EVENT - Transforming e-assessment for Learning: Developing an institution wide scaffold
Middlesex University (Hendon Campus), London
1 May 2012

The aim of the workshop, part of the Higher Education Academy's Workshop and Seminar Series, is to discuss the lessons learned from the institution wide approach to e-assessment currently adopted by Middlesex University.
EVENT - Supporting Academic Practice in a Digital Age
The Forum, University of Exeter
17 May 2012
This event, hosted by the Exeter Cascade project and the Academic Skills Development team at the University of Exeter, will bring together digital literacy experts, academic advisers, teaching staff and students to explore the impact of digital methods on academic practice. There will be opportunities to share ideas and advance our understanding, as well as examine practice more closely in workshop sessions.
Supporting and developing the curriculum by putting contemplation back into HE: enhancing students’ attention and effectiveness
Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh
25 May 2012

Contemporary Higher Education is under increasing pressure to justify its existence, be cost effective and produce better graduates. One attempt to achieve this has been the formulation of graduate attributes (GAs). These are attributes that graduates are expected to develop during their studies, in addition to the knowledge and skills relevant to their discipline. Over the last 10 years, there has been a rapid increase in interest in the use of Contemplative Pedagogies (CPs) in HE to enhance learning and teaching. The focus of this event is the application of CPs to enhance student teachers’ ability to learn in any subject. 
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Innovative Learning: Maximising Technology, Maximising Potential
The Barbican, London
27 June 2012

This event will address the following: Developing innovative learning methods to fulfill the educational, training and skill requirements that can help contribute to economic growth and prosperity; The European Commission's report The Future of Learning: Preparing for Change aims to identify, understand and visualise major changes to learning in the future; the role of e-learning and technology to deliver innovative and alternative learning techniques; Consider how improving accessibility to resources will also improve learning outcomes and results.
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